TCDC is a full service drum shop that offers repair and reconditioning services to bring your worn and/or damaged drums back to life.  Some of the services we provide include:

Bearing Edge Reconditioning.  If your drums are hard to tune, it’s not you, it’s the drums!  Let us square up and recut your bearing edges to create tunable drums.  This service also applies to Ludwig Vistalites and other acrylic drums. Many of these drums came stock with “lazy” edges on them.  Let us make your Vistalites and acrylics sing!

Bearing edge reconditioning will also help low to mid line drums sound more like high end drums.  If your set was mass produced, it likely needs some bearing edge TLC.

Drum Re-wrapping Services.  If your drums look terrible due to excessive wear, popped seams, or if you simply want a new look, then re-wrapping might be the best option to have new looking drums.  Pair re-wrapping with bearing edge reconditioning and you are essentially playing a “new” set with seasoned shells.  Please note that we always want to inspect your drums before committing to a rewrap as it is not an effective option for some drumsets.

Other Repairs.  We drill for new mounts and throw-offs, fill holes, fix cracks on Vistalites and acrylics, and cut down deep drums to shorter, more playable depths.  Let us know what you need, and we can likely do it!