Our Custom Drum Lines


The Twin Cities Drum Collective offers three distinct drum lines for drummers who want a custom alternative to major manufacturers in look, feel, and sound. If you’re on this page, that’s probably you.

Each Collective line has its own identity and sound, and best of all, you can be involved in the building of your drums from conception to delivery. 

Call, email or come into our South Saint Paul shop to commit to your best possible sound. $500 down puts your dream into production! 

651 Drums

Sound Aesthetics

651 Drums, conceived and built in the 651 area code, feature a modern look combined with classic drum construction.

651 starts with all maple 6mm tom shells and 8mm bass and snare shells with precision-cut dual 45 bearing edges. This combination offers a wide tuning range and ease of tuning. From there we add 20mm aluminum lugs purposefully designed to offer a clean, uncomplicated look. Sans gaskets, these lugs meet the shell directly so all resonates in harmony (very Eastern of us). The finishing touches include Aquarian heads and our unfussy aluminum 651/MN badge. 

651 is typically finished in veneers, natural satins, or automotive grade paint that ranges from solid colors to duco and fades. If you really want a wrap, then ok. You’re the customer, we want you to be happy, and the heavens won’t fall if you wrap an otherwise perfectly-conceived set of drums.

Twin Cities Drum Company

Your Vision, Our Execution

Twin Cities Drum Company is Collective owner and builder Kelly Cook’s signature line. Paying homage to both sides of the river (smart marketing if we can say so), Kelly’s line begins with 6mm all maple shells with combination roundover to 45 degree bearing edges.

These drums are light-weight and go from the deepest lows to high tunings with ease so you can dial in your sound, including varying it from gig to gig. Kelly’s 25mm lugs machined from aircraft-grade aluminum along with the TC Drums laser-engraved badge and Aquarian heads complete the package.

TC Drums, the Collective’s most customized line, are finished your way, with a full range of veneers, satins, custom paints, wraps, and inlays. Best of all, Kelly walks you through from initial ideas to the day you bring home your set for life. Hell, he’ll even carry your finished drums to your vehicle and watch you drive into the sunset.

Modern Vintage Drums

Future Classics

Vintage drums are popular for a reason: some drum shell and design concepts are as ageless as the sound they produce. Unfortunately, the best vintage drums are high in demand and short in supply, which also leads to high cost when a premium set surfaces. But fear not, the Collective is here to help with our Modern Vintage Line. 

Modern Vintage Drums start with mahogany/poplar/mahogany shells popularized by classic companies with traditional roundover bearing edges that give you the warm, full tone that never fails to deliver. Completing the package is your choice of bread-and- butter or tube lugs, both of which define golden eras of drum making. 

Modern Vintage Drums are finished with veneers, satins, custom paints, and wraps along with the MV scroll badge.