Modern Vintage Drums

Future Classics


Vintage drums are popular for a reason: some drum shell and design concepts are as ageless as the sound they produce. Unfortunately, the best vintage drums are high in demand and short in supply, which also leads to high cost when a premium set surfaces. But fear not, the Collective is here to help with our Modern Vintage line.

Modern Vintage Drums start with classic mahogany/poplar/mahogany shells with maple re-rings. These shells, popularized by iconic drum companies, are completed with our signature vintage bearing edges that have a 1/8 roundover on the outside edge with a 30 degree cut on the inside. This shell and edge combo gives you a warm, full tone that never fails to deliver.

Braggadocio aside, these drums are simply some of the best sounding drums found anywhere.

Completing the package is your choice of beavertail, bread-and-butter, or tube lugs, all of which define golden eras of drum making.

Modern Vintage Drums are finished with veneers, satins, custom paints, and wraps along with the unique “MV” scroll badge, the design of which is an intersection between modern and art-deco styles.