Frequently Asked Questions

How do I initiate a custom drum order?

You can stop in to our South Saint Paul shop, email us at (email Address), or call us at 651-655-4040 to to talk through your custom order.

We want to give you the best possible service, discuss your wants and needs, and talk through all aspects of the process so you end up with drums you will love for life.

When when a drumset order is placed we ask for a $500 down payment which places your set into the production queue. The remainder of the balance is due upon completion.

What is the turnaround time for a custom order?

A typical turnaround time for a drum set is 30 business days depending on the complexity of the order. We stay in communication with you during this process and will contact you when we start building your drums, when they are complete, and when they ship or are available for pickup.

What goes into the cost of The Collective Drum Lines?

There are three main contributions to the cost of your drums: The cost of the materials, the cost of the finish, based on materials and complexity, and the cost of the labor. We use all maple shells with our proprietary high grade aluminum lugs and Aquarian drumheads. Other companies often use shells with filler plies, use mass-produced die cast lugs manufactured overseas, and cut costs with lower grade drumheads.

Next, some finishes are more expensive than others, sometimes because the materials are more expensive, and sometimes because the labor to do the finish is more expensive.

Last, our drums are an American made product, meaning that our drum builders and custom finishers are paid a living wage for their expertise and the care they put into your drums, and when we use parts that are not our own, we make every effort to buy American.

What are the Pros and Cons of a wrapped drum set versus a satin, lacquer, or painted finish?

This is a hot topic with divided opinions. Most wrapped drums set are more durable, depending on the wrap used. If your play a lot of shows and tour smaller venues, a wrapped set is a good choice. Those familiar with life in the clubs will attest that a lot of people will shuffle your drum set around, and a lot of those people will not necessarily move your drums carefully.  Wrapped drums, especially sparkled, tend to be durable and hide scuffs and scratches well. Drum sets with satin, lacquer, and painted finishes are preferred by some people, but they may not hold up as well subjected to clubs and the road. However, if you have sufficient control of the environments it will be in, then that may be the way to go.

Will having a wrapped finish versus satin, lacquer, or painted finish change the sound?

Probably not much, and not in a noticeable way to most people. With a properly wrapped set, the wrap acts like another ply of wood. Also remember that drum shells soak up lacquer. So both methods have an effect on the shell, but really those effects are rather small and inconsequential. Frankly, the expertise and care put into your bearing edges, your choice of drumheads, how you tune them, and the weight of the lugs and hardware will affect the sound of your drums much more.

If you prefer the look of one over the other or are convinced of a significant sound difference one way or the other, then make your choice accordingly, and we will make you happy. 

I want to do a crazy, unique, dazzling, or unusual finish that everyone will notice. Can you do that?

Yes we can. However, consider that a more material or labor intensive finish will typically be more expensive. Also, rock stars who grow tired of their signature finish can afford to move on to their next drum set and probably sell their old one at a profit. Consider if what you want will be a good decision in the long term or if it will work with future bands you might play in. Sorry to sound like your dad, but we are just looking out for you. Also, if you want to draw that much attention to yourself, you better be a monster player to back it up!”

Can you do gold, black, or colored hardware?

Yes we can. However, we do not typically stock many finish variations in hardware. Instead, these tend to be produced in small quantities when custom ordered. Please expect an added cost and a longer turnaround time for these particular custom options.

Should I buy a matching snare drum with my drum set?

This decision is up to you, but our opinion is yes. First, consider your drumset to be a complete musical instrument. Although you may swap out snares for different purposes, and we certainly sell individual snares, having a matching snare made out of the same shell material in the same finish can be desirable in terms of sound and appearance. Having a matching snare is also important in resale. Vintage drum collectors always consider drumsets with matching snares much higher in desirability and price.

Do you do endorsement deals?

Yes, we do endorsements, with our typical endorsement deal being drums at 20% over cost. Please consider that we want our endorsers to passionately love and promote our products, and that we expect our endorsers to keep us current with their tour schedules, record releases, and other important accomplishments for promotional purposes.

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