Drum PROtect

Drum PROtect is a self-healing surface protection film specially designed to protect the most vulnerable areas on your drums, such as the backsides of toms, the tops and sides of bass drums, and the underside of bass drum hoops.

End nicks, scratches, and “drum rash” once and for all with Drum PROtect!

Drum PROtect provides virtually invisible protection that works on any high gloss finish on your drums. It goes on easily and is semi-permanent, staying in place unless you decide to remove it, in which case it does not leave a trace.

Nicks, scratches, and “snare rash” need not be inevitable. Protect the finish on your new or vintage drumset with Drum PROtect.

Drum PROtect comes in three sizes, so you have as much or as little protection as you need!

The Basic Pack includes two large patches, perfect for the backside of tom(s) and/or for the side or top of your bass drum. This pack also has two hoop strips for the underside of your bass drum hoops. This pack is ideal for a four piece drumset.

The Standard Pack includes four large patches, perfect for a drumset with two or more toms and/or a set-up in which the toms could accidentally come to rest on the top sides of the bass drum(s).  This pack also has two hoop strips for the underside of your bass drum hoops.  This pack is ideal for five piece or slightly larger drumsets.

The Deluxe Pack includes eight large patches and four hoop strips, perfect for a large drumset with many areas to protect.

Installation is Easy

  1. Remove the heads from your drums and the hoops from your bass drum(s).  This will allow you to easily place Drum PROtect and to completely wipe up excess moisture. 

  2. Lay out the materials. The materials include the Drum PROtect film sheet and squeegee (provided), as well as a large water bottle, dish soap, and a clean towel.

  3. Fill the water bottle with water and 2 to 3 drops of dish soap. 

  4. Wipe your drum(s) clean where Drum PROtect is to be applied.

  5. Remove the Drum PROtect patch you wish to install from the film sheet (apply the patches one at a time), and spray it down with the water/dish soap solution.  Make sure the patch is completely wet with the solution.

  6. Place the patch on the drum or hoop.  The patch should be easily maneuverable while you apply it, not tacky and not overly slippery.

  7. Once in place, use the squeegee to work the solution out from under the patch, working from the middle of the patch to the edges. 

  8. Allow the patch to be undisturbed for several hours before reassembling your drums and hoops. (NOTE: Unlike other surface protection film, you can peel up and reapply Drum PROtect at the initial time of installation.  Do not try to reapply Drum PROtect after it has been in place for more than a few minutes.)

Tips for Success

  1. Drum PROtect is for high gloss finishes only.  It works on all glossy wraps and lacquers; it is not intended for Satin or other non-glossy finishes.

  2. Prep work is important!  Do not skip this step or rush through the process.  Remove the heads and hoops and make sure those surfaces are clean.  Lay your materials out and make sure you have everything needed.

  3. You only need 2 to 3 drops of dish soap in your water bottle.  When the patch is completely wet with the recommended solution, it should be easy to apply and move around.  If the patch is too tacky when applying it (after it has been made wet) add one more drop of dish soap to the solution and reapply.  If the patch is overly slippery when applying it, then re-do your solution with less dish soap and reapply.

  4. Once in place, allow the patch to remain undisturbed for several hours before re-assembling your drums.

  5. That’s it!  Relax, you are Drum PROtected!


Drum PROtect is semi-permanent yet easy to remove.  To remove Drum PROtect, warm the edges of the patch with a hair dryer.  When the edges begin to detach simply peal it off.  If any adhesive residue remains, clean it with an orange-based cleaner.  Because Drum PROtect allows UV rays through, you can remove it without a trace even years later!


Drum PROtect is available now!

Guitar PROtect coming soon…