Introducing the Laser Shark: A Killer Drum at a Killer Price

It started as a joke, but ended up being seriously awesome. Kelly wanted to build a few snare drums designed to be both high quality and affordable. That meant that although we would use an all maple shell and machined aluminum lugs, we would also have to keep the production streamlined and simple. So, our new build would be the same size with the same finish (6.5 x14 with Natural Satin) to keep the build speedy, along with making it a distinctive 6 lugger, which also trims cost and production time (Of note: Some builders absolutely swear by having as few lugs as possible on a drum).


The first batch of these went unbranded…no badge, no name, and these unnamed drums went fast, inspiring us to make more. It was then that Kelly came up with the the idea of branding them the Laser Shark. Though not totally original, it brought a lot of laughs and a definite cool factor to this serious snare drum. It was agreed that we should make it official with a badge, laser engraved out of wood.

We think the end design turned out perfect, and that fact that people are swallowing them up seems to validate our thinking. It’s a killer snare drum at a killer price. And a laser is actually used in its production. So there’s that too.