TCDC Product Updates: Travel Date Series - Now Featuring "Harmon" Lug

Your Travel Date Has Been Upgraded!  Now Featuring Harmon Lugs

 The Twin Cities Drum Collective Travel Date Drumset has been one of our more popular drumset configurations for a number of reasons.  First, these lightweight, shallow depth drums sound absolutely HUGE.  It’s always fun to see drummers sit down and play these for the first time…from low to high tunings, they make a big impact.

 One of the factors that allows for low tunings is the Travel Date’s 6ply 4mm drum shells. We don’t use this thickness of drum shell to reduce weight (though that is a definite benefit); instead, we choose this thickness because a thinner shell resonates more with allowing for a for a lower fundamental tone for those who gotta have that deep thunderous sound!  Do not worry if you like to crank up the tuning…Travel Dates are built to take you from gig to gig and genre to genre from low tunings of Metal/rock/funk (yes you could rage a metal show on these drums) to high tunings for Jazz or Bop.

 A second factor is our “Big R” bearing edge that is also standard on TC Drums.  Big R stands for Big Radius. These edges allow drumheads to interact with the shell more easily. The radius of the bearing edge more close matches the curve of the molded edge for the various drumhead manufactures. The drum head more naturally making tuning a breeze, increasing tuning range while also adding feel for the player.

 Then, there is drumhead selection.  Whereas major drum makers often skimp on the drumheads, we use Aquarian drumheads as OEM equipment because of their high quality and superior technology (more on that in another Blog).

 Of course, in addition to amazing dynamic sound, Travel Dates hit the road with Minneapolis and St. Paul drummers because they are super portable.  HUGE sound in a LIGHTWEIGHT package that even the singer can carry without (legitimate) complaints!

 So how did we make this great package even better?  By making our Harmon Lugs standard on them.  These proprietary lugs of our own design provide an ultra-stable single point lug machined from 60/61 aluminum attached by a through-bolt and lock nut.  It is simply a better designed modern lug compared to a cast lug, which is heavy and not manufactured to the same exacting tolerances as our lugs.  And the Harmon Lug happens to be absolutely distinctive and attractive, standing out as truly unique in a sea of look-alike drum lugs.

 So…when you’re ready for a transportable drumset for gigging around Minneapolis, St. Paul, and beyond, then look no further than the Twin Cities Drum Collective Travel Date Drumset! Come get yours TODAY! At $950 Travel Dates will get you there without breaking your back or your bank account.