5 ways to help keep your drumming fresh and inspired!

Five Inexpensive Ways to Immediately Inspire Your Drumming


1.    Re-head Your Drumset, or at Least Your Snare Drum.  Unless a dead sound is your sound, playing on drumheads that no longer resonate suck the life out of your playing.  If your drumheads are over a year old then it’s probably time to change ‘em out.  TCDC has extensive stock from Aquarian Drumheads, Evans Drumheads, and REMO Drumheads.  We  also give advice on what drumheads will help you achieve your sound and will even change out your heads and tune up your drums for you.  Need more extensive help, like new bearing edges?  Luckily we are a full service shop that can do fresh bearing edges and other drum repairs too.  So, get some new drumheads to beat on…it’s really like getting fresh ears.

2.    Improve Your Seat.  Your drum throne grounds your body in a way that supports your center of gravity and gives you a solid base that enhances your performance.  If you sit on a wobbly, low-quality, unsupportive drum throne then let’s upgrade you to something you want to sit on.  At Twin Cities Drum Collective, we stock drum thrones from PDP, which are solid thrones at an affordable price, and drum thrones from Ahead, which are high-end drum thrones at a competitive price.  Also, sitting on a quality drum is a sure-fire way to feel more dignified, and that can’t hurt you a bit. 

3.    Add or Change Out a Cymbal.  In addition to our cymbal wall, we like to keep a great selection of cymbals out on the floor.  Few things are more cool than sitting at a custom drumset and playing a ride cymbal, crash, or FX cymbal that blows your mind and makes you want to play (a proven route to be a better drummer, by the way).   In our shop, we order cymbals that are fun to check out and that promise to inspire new sounds and musical directions when you play.  We stock Bosphorus, Byrne, Dream, Kasza, Paiste, Sabian, and Zildjian cymbals.  And if you have a go-to cymbal you want to buy, then we can special order that for you too.

4.    Try New Drumsticks. Or Brushes, Hotrods, or Other Mallets.  Drummers often have loyalties to what sticks they play, but trying another drumstick brand or size is a great way to discover new sounds and textures at the drumset.  In fact, new drumsticks can even change the physicality of your playing as well as your touch.  Or give brushes, hotrods, or another way to strike your drums a try…getting out of your comfort zone breeds creativity! Check out our stock of over 100 kinds of sticks from Los Cabos Drumsticks, Pro-Mark Drumsticks, Vic Firth Drumsticks, and Vater Drumsticks, and if you don’t see what you like, then let us special order your favorite model.

5.    Grow Your Snare Arsenal. Having a selection of snares to swap out is a creativity game-changer that should have you buying a new snare drum every month.  OK, a new snare every month is a little ambitious, but if you have only one snare drum you could expand your horizons some unless your current snare is definitely your one and only.  At TCDC we have a wall of custom and vintage snares from TC Drums, 651Drums, and Modern Vintage Drums, as well as new and vintage snare drums by Ludwig (several Supraphonics), Gretsch, Dunnett, Holloman, Rogers, and our store-branded Laser Shark snare drums.  We are never at a loss for cool snares at the Collective, so come in and play, and maybe even special order the custom wood or metal snare you’ve always wanted.