The British are HERE!

The Twin Cities Drum Collective Welcomes British Drum Company


We are beyond excited to announce that Twin Cities Drum Collective is now a British Drum Company dealer!  For those unfamiliar with British Drum Co., we want to share what makes this drum manufacturer so special, and why we added these drums to our drum shop.

 First, British Drum Company fits our guiding ethos at TCDC: We want to stock the most exciting custom and specialty drums that you won’t easily find at other drum shops.  British Drum Company creates exactly the type of drums we curate, with the added bonus of these drums quickly earning a distinctive mark among drummers.

 British drums are crafted based on the rich heritage of British drum-building craftsmanship, using techniques and traditions that are time-tested.   For example, the drum shell construction   used by British Drum Co. starts with hand-selected wood formed into shells through a cold-pressing process that results in British Drum’s signature tone.  British Drum Company emphasizes that making drum shells san heat leads to uncompromising sonic qualities, which is why they swear by this time-intensive process.  If you have played British Drums, then you know that the results speak for themselves

 Complimenting their cold-pressed drum shells is British Drum Company’s distinctive Palladium hardware, which has a look as iconic as Ludwig Drums, Gretsch Drums, or any other great drum company.  Properly described as strong and elegant, Palladium Hardware recalls the nearly universally loved look of the Art Deco period, which they say was inspired by the cars, art, and architecture of that classic time.  In fact, these style elements speak in all of the British Drum hardware, creating a universal appeal.  Similar to recent TCDC addition A & F Drum Company, these are legacy drums in their conception and execution (though the drums made by the two companies are very different in sound, look, and appeal, making it so cool to check them both out).

 Of course, to create a legacy drum company, the end result has to, as British Drum Company states, “look amazing, sound amazing, and feel amazing.”  Mission accomplished we think. 

 In stock now is a British Drum Co. Legacy Series Drumset, with birch shells, and they sound as advertised.  Come on in and see what you think.  TCDC is 10 minutes from St. Paul, 20 minutes from Minneapolis, and really not far from even the west metro.  Make the trip to play British Drums.  See you soon!