Laser Shark Spotting!

Laser Shark Update!

 Our Twin Cities Drum Company Laser Shark Snares have been one of our best selling custom drum products, which each manufacturing run of these snare drums quickly selling out.  This awesome 6.5x14, six lug, all maple snare with its signature laser-engraved badge (of course) always brings a smile to drummers faces, especially when they play it.

 And now, the Laser Shark is even better!  All Laser Shark Snares are now outfitted with the 651Drums F2 Lug, which has a sleek and unfussy design that captures the intersection between Form and Function.

 What’s even better?  The Laser Shark sells at $250, making it one of the coolest snare drums at this price point.  Come in to our drum store and play one!  We are a short trip from St. Paul, Minneapolis, and really anywhere in the Twin Cities metro.

Order your Laser Shark HERE.


The Laser Shark!

Now available with F2 Lug.