TCDC Product Spotlight: A & F Drum Company Becomes Part of the Twin Cities Drum Collective Family

TCDC Product Spotlight: A & F Drum Company Becomes Part of the Twin Cities Drum Collective Family


Twin Cities Drum Collective is unique in that we manufacture drums and also run a full service drum shop.  That means that our passion rests not only with our own brands, TC Drums, 651Drums, and Modern Vintage Drums, but also with curating the best in custom drums from other companies.  To accomplish that goal, we are interested in drums that excite drummers with unique sound and design qualities that are rare among major drum manufacturers.


In that spirit, becoming an A & F Drum Company retailer is the perfect way to start off our second year.  To the uninitiated, A and F Drum Company is headed by drummer and visionary Ramy Antoun, who cut his drumming teeth playing and recording with the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, Seal, Paul Simon, and James Taylor among others.  Based on his live and studio experiences and love of vintage drums, Ramy set out to create a brand that stands out in look, feel, inspiration, and importantly, sound. 


A & F Drum Company (search #anfdrumco on Instagram to see and hear A and F) hails from Austin TX, which is well known for arts and music (probably no coincidence).  Impressively, their team conceives and builds nearly all of their drum components in-house, which is frankly a rarity these days.   As Ramy has said, it is freeing to walk into the factory with an idea and make it happen (an idea we embrace at TCDC). 


And the results speak for themselves, as A & F has soared in popularity by creating drums that “the Suits” in most drum companies would never entertain.  A and F Drum Company is notable for drums with raw and sometimes aged and distressed appearances, for drums with unusual sizes and depths that compliment standard sizes, and for drums that blend wood and metal and beautiful and musical ways.  A and F Drum Company even makes unusual cymbals (with cymbal expert Ray Byrne…TCDC also carries Byrne Cymbals) and accessories.  The results speak for themselves.  Drummers are pleased in profound ways by Ramy and his team’s vision and execution at A & F.  A & Fers are, in a word, Superfans!


TCDC has a great first order coming our way, consisting of A and F drums that will be featured at their booth at the upcoming Twin Cities Drum and Guitar Show on July 28th (assuming they don’t sell first!).   Coming this way will be a 14 inch A & F Steel Pancake Snare, a 4x14 A & F Copper Snare, and their best selling 6.5 x 14 Raw Brass Snare.  In addition, we ordered a 14x20, 14x14, and 8x12 A and F Raw Steel Drumset with Brass Hoops.  These are all going to be special drums.


Because A & F drums are made to order, there is typically a 8 week wait on snares and a 12 week wait on drums, so if you want to place in order with us, we’ll get your drums in the A and F production line.  Of course, let us know if you want to claim one (or more) of the drums in the opening order, and before you know it you’ll have your own #anfdrumco post.  No doubt in the coming months we’ll see a lot more A & F snares and sets around Minneapolis and St. Paul.


One last thing…A & F stands for Antoun and Family, and TCDC couldn’t be happier to be a part of their family (and vice versa).  It about drums, people, music, and shared values.  Thanks for reading and grab a seat, because our family has plenty of room for you at the table!