Twin Cities Drum Collective - Travel Date series drums

TCDC’s Travel Date: A Featherweight Drumset That KO’s the Competition


At Twin Cities Drum Collective we are always looking to innovate. Our Travel Date Drumsets are no exception.  Built in limited production runs, these kits are fun to play with surprisingly big sound, and when they hit the floor they always go fast.

 For the uninitiated, Travel Dates are the TCDC version of shallow, lightweight drums designed for working drummers who want highly portable kits designed for small stages.  Our Travel Dates would actually fit in a Cooper Mini, and they are the perfect size for coffeehouse, brew pub, and practice-space playing.

 While other companies have their versions of smaller-scale drum sets, TCDC uses design and craftsmanship details that set our drums apart.  To begin, we start with all maple 6mm shells which are not only light but also have the benefit of providing a wide tuning range

 Then rather than overwhelming the shells with heavy cast lugs like most other drum companies , we use super-lightweight machined aluminum lugs. These are made to exacting tolerances and made right here in Fridley, MN.  These drums are finished exclusively in a satin oil finish highlighting the grain and character of the maple shells that are the platform for the Travel Date sound Finally, we put the same care into cutting the bearing edges as we do on our other brands.  TCDC Travel Dates feature our Big R (for big radius) bearing edges that allow heads to seat perfectly and that result in a sound that balances warmth, response, and resonance

 And on the topic of sound, TCDC Travel Dates punch way above their weight while staying light on price at $950 for a three piece set. 

 This past year about 10 of these sets have been sold with numerous drummers posting pictures of Travel Dates gracing stages around Minneapolis and St. Paul, including Dave King (651 Drums Artist) playing a set with Happy Apple at the Dakota Jazz Club ( last fall.

 When you consider design, craftsmanship, and price, we think TCDC Travel Dates can square off with any competitor and deliver a knock-out.  Check em out!