Welcome to the Twin Cities Drum Collective

Welcome to the first Twin Cities Drum Collective Blog!  In our regular blog we will be talking about custom drums, product reviews, drumming resources, the ups and downs of running a drum shop, and of course any and all topics related to custom drum building and drum repairs.  Additionally, we hope to feature the occasional interview with leading drummers in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area and beyond Minnesota.

It’s only fitting in this first blog to discuss the (several) missions of TCDC, and how we are similar to, and different from, other drum shops and companies.  

First, Twin Cities Drum Collective is similar to other drum shops in that we are a retail store that carries major brands of drums, cymbals, and accessories.  Major drum companies we carry include Drum Workshop (DW), Gretsch, Ludwig, PDP among others, and we carry cymbals by the big three, Paiste, Sabian, and Zildjian while also stocking Bosphorus, Dream, and Meinl.  In short, we can order most major brands of drums and cymbals.  Say you want a set of Paiste 2002s, well just email or call us and we’ll get what you want in store!  Same with hardware…we stock a nice selection of DW and Gibraltar, but if you want something special, we can likely get it for you.

We then round out our inventory with Aquarian and Remo drumheads (and yes, we can order Evans!) and Los Cabos, Vater, and Vic Firth sticks.  If you’re into a particular size or another brand like Promark or Regal Tip…let us know and we’ll get you covered!  

We also stock all the “back shelf” stuff you need from felts and washers, to snares, and hardware bits and pieces.   Oh, and we should mention that we carry excellent case, bag, and accessories brands like SKB, Impact, and Tackle.   

So how is Twin Cities Drum Collective different?

First, we offer full service repair and and reconditioning right here in our South Saint Paul shop.  Cracked Vistalites?  We fix 'em.  Trouble tuning drums?  We’ll cut you new bearing edges, and you’ll discover you do know how to tune drums. Tired, worn, or damaged wrap?  Then let us rewrap your set.  We are one of the few drum shops in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area set up to assist you with these services.

In addition to drum service and repair, we have our custom drum lines which are the heart and soul of Twin Cities Drum Collective and that set us apart from the pack.  When Kelly and I conceived of doing our own custom drum line it quickly became apparent that we had similar and different visions related to looks, branding, and building philosophies…like most drummers do!  So instead of creating just one custom drum line, we quickly decided that we would not limit ourselves and would embark on creating three custom drum lines under the umbrella of the Collective.  

Our Lines


Kelly’s vision was Twin Cities Drum Company (TCDrumCO), and after over 10 years building custom drums, he already had a lug design and a particular bearing edge picked out. 

Machined from aluminum and given a brushed finish in the shop, Kelly’s lug is different from anything else on the market, a true differentiator as they say in the industry.  The feedback has been affirming, drummers love the look of it! 

Kelly gives TCDrumCo a roundover into 45 degree bearing edge.  This edge fits the contour of drumheads and gives a perfect balance of warmth, attack, and sustain

The TCDrumCO badge is laser-cut into maple, and again, has a distinctive look among custom drums.


Lane’s vision was 651Drums, a brand defined by its intersection between form and function.  The lugs on 651Drums are also machined from aluminum and are given a high polish right here in South St. Paul, Minnesota.  This polish leaves the lugs looking like chrome without an added chemical process and with nothing to fail down the road. 

651Drums feature the Dual 45 Bearing Edge, designed for a wide tuning range, bright attack, and long sustain.  Then, the badge is acid etched into chrome. 

The end result is a drummer’s drum that spans musical styles from jazz to punk.

Then there is Modern Vintage Drums (MV Drums).  These drums start with Okoume/Poplar/Okoume shells.  What is Okoume you ask?  A sustainable wood with the same look and sound qualities of Mahogany. 

These drums are given the classic roundover bearing edge for that warm, vintage tone and finished off with beavertail lugs and the art deco inspired MV Drums Badge. 

For fans of the look and sound of vintage drums, Modern Vintage Drums are your thing.  Check em’ out.

Full Service...and grilling!

Last but not least, we offer expertise and service that you will not find in other music stores and drum shops.  This is we what we do, so if you need advise, lessons (we have great instructors), or simply want to support a Minnesota drum company run by people with a passion for drumsets, then we are your shop. 

Drop in anytime, and stay connected to our social media for information on our weekly patio grill-outs called “Beats and Brats” (held on Wednesdays until the snow flies and maybe beyond…we do live in Minnesota!), or for our other events and gatherings held both at our South Saint Paul store and at select venues in Minneapolis.

At TCDC, we like to say that everything we do is “by drummers, for drummers!”  We'll see you around!