Our first course for drummers: Get Your Hands Together

TCDC is proud to announce our first course for drummers. It’s titled “Get your Hands Together” and the focus is on the 40 Rudiments.

If you are unfamiliar with some or all of the 40 rudiments, then this course is for you!

Rudimental Guru Peter Buxman will guide you through, be you a beginner or more advanced drummer. Expect fun and meaningful progress with your drumming skills.

This six week course is at 11am on Saturday mornings from November 10 through December 15. The cost is $130 with enrollment limited to ten drummers.

Email us to enroll today and Get Your Hands Together!


Rudiments are commonly called the building blocks of drumming, the technical skills you need to be fluent on the snare or on the set. Through mastering the rudiments, you will have an increased vocabulary to express your musical ideas. How up are you on the rudiments?

This Six Week Course is Outcome-Based! Why do anything if you don’t see the results? The results you will achieve include increased accuracy, speed, endurance, and most importantly, musical expression!

To measure your results, both the first and the last scheduled days plan for baseline and follow-up assessment of knowledge, performance, and speed. Even though this is a group course, there is no limit on how far you can take the weekly material in terms of accuracy and speed.

Enrollment Information:

This course is designed to be cost-effective. Groups lessons are less than half the cost of individual lessons. The cost is $130 with enrollment limited to ten drummers.

Groups work! Studies should that people learning in groups use each other for support and accountability, challenging each other to reach new levels of proficiency. We encourage our lesson groups to be connected to enhance the learning experience.

Materials needed include a practice pad, metronome, and larger size (e.g., 2B) sticks. These items are available for purchase at TCDC if needed.

Awards are given at the end of the course. These awards include, Top of the Class, Most Improved, and Best Effort. Award winners receive a 10% discount off any purchase up to $500 at TCDC.

Course Instructor:

Peter Buxman has a Bachelors of Science from Kaplan University and has been an instructor since 1993. He specializes in rudimental drumming as well as all styles on the drumset.

Pete participated in Drum and Bugle Corps for 11 years taking home awards with the Blue Knights, has been the head percussion instructor for the Lakeville North High School Marching Band since 2006, and has played snare drum with the Macalaster College Pipe Band since 2007.

Peter is also a professional drummer for Riverside Entertainment where he plays and subs in a variety of bands, including the Riverside Hitmen.

Peter placed 4th in the World in the 1992 DCI Rudimental Competition.

Email us to enroll today and Get Your Hands Together!

Course Schedule:

November 10- 11:00am

  • Introduction and Pre-Assessment

  • Grip/position

  • Rebound stroke

  • Down stroke

  • Combinations rebound/down stroke

  • Single stroke roll

  • Single stroke 4

  • Single stroke 7

November 17- 11:00am

  • Multiple bounce roll (buzz roll, closed roll, press roll)

  • Double stroke roll

  • By the stroke: 5,6,7,9,10,11,13,15,17 stroke rolls

  • Flams

November 24- 11:00am

  • Single paradiddles

  • Double paradiddles

  • Triple paradiddles

  • Paradiddle pyramid

  • Paratriddles (introduction to hybrid rudiments)

December  1- 11:00am

  • Triple stroke rolls

  • Flam taps

  • Flam accents

  • Flam/flams

  • Flamacues

  • Flammed mills (groups of 4 and 6)

  • Flam paradiddles

  • Flam paradiddlediddle (with and w/o flam)

  • Pataflaflas

  • Swiss Army triplets

  • Hybrid rudiment du jour

December 8- 11:00am

  • Flam drags

  • Inverted flam taps

  • 4-2-1 16th note grid with variations

  • 4-2-1 Triplet grid with variations

  • Hybrid rudiment du jour

December 15- 11:00am

  • Drag

  • Single drag tap

  • Double drag tap

  • Lesson 25

  • Single dragadiddle

  • Drag paradiddle # 1

  • Drag paradiddle # 2

  • Ratamacue

  • Double ratamacue

  • Triple ratamacue

  • Hybrid rudiment du jour

  • Post-Assessment, Awards, and Next Steps!

Email us to enroll today and Get Your Hands Together!