First Annual Beats and Brews is in the Books

Twin Cities Drum Collective’s First Annual Beats and Brews is in the Books! Last Saturday was a blast as we hauled 10 complete drumsets and a dozen snare drums into the Uptown VFW in Minneapolis to showcase our three drum brands and socialize with drummers from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and beyond! (BTW, if you have not caught a show there, you should plan to do. It’s a gem of a venue with outstanding staff!)

Over the course of the day we had over a hundred drummers come through, and there were times when all the sets were rockin’. Pretty cool. So many people commented that not only about how great the drums sounded, but also about how each brand had its own distinct tone. The Modern Vintage line captures that vintage sound (complete with classic Gretsch bearing edges), our 651Drums feature sharp attack and full sustain (with dual 45 edges), and TCDrumCo perfectly balances warmth, attack, and sustain (with roundover into 45 edges). Of course we had a great many finishes on display too, from customs paints and fades, to a satin flame wrapped kit, to beautiful natural satins, including one with inlays. The feedback was gratifying!

Of course, the clinics were real highlights. Jeremy Harvey from Cloud Cult played along to tracks and dazzled with his musicality on a 651 drum set. Jesse from Malamanya demystified Latin grooves on the congas and timbales, and Pete Buxman gave a great rudimental lesson on accent grids.

Last, drumset Karaoke turned out to be a blast! While many drummers were a bit shy to try it, those who did left with all smiles. We gotta do that again!

The day ended with giveaways of Low Boy Beater swag, including a new beater, and one lucky drummer walked away with one of our Twin Cities Drum Collective store-branded 6-lug snare drums.

TCDC thanks all the drummers who came out for the festivities! And special thanks to our sponsors Tackle Instruments (awesome stick and cymbal bags and accessories), Low Boy Beaters, and the great folks like Joe at the Uptown VFW and Craig at Fulton Brewery.

See you at the next event!