1 Minute Drum Lesson: 16th Note Triplet Accents

Try This out!

Transcription Included. Stephen Whelan, Drum Teacher extraordinaire here at Twin Cities Drum Collective is offering quick, and easy to understand one minute drum lessons. Here Stephen is showing 16th note Triplets with accents displaced through out the groove, at 80 and 50BPM. Be on the lookout for more! To book a lesson with Stephen send him an email at StephenWhelandrums@gmail.com

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Feel The Byrne! These Cymbals Are Red Hot!

For those if us drummers on Instagram, there was a point when Byrne Cymbals seemed to take the drumming world by storm.  With Instagram being a visual medium, Byrne Cymbals jumped off the screen with their beauty, and once drummers paired those visuals with sound samples, they were hooked. 

 Made by Ray Bryne, an accomplished luthier educated at the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery (look it up, I did!), Byrne cymbals go through a hand-hammered process that involves over a 1000 hammer blows on some cymbals as well as shaping and lathing techniques that take years to master.  For a full blow to blow account of the process (yes, pun intended), check out this page on Byrne’s website: https://byrnecymbals.com/process/

 To date, Ray Byrne’s cymbals are found in some of the country’s most revered drum shops, and we are proud to have them at Twin Cities Drum Collective.  In short, Ray Byrne, who hails from Illinois, simply makes some of the most satisfying cymbals found anywhere in the world.  He’s also an affable guy who’s quick with a smile and generous with his time. Accordingly, he was open to a quick interview that gives us a glimpse into his journey as cymbal smith.


 How does a guy from IL get into cymbal manufacturing?  How does one even start?

 I don’t think it really matters where you’re from anymore. As we all know, the internet has shrunk the world. I have been in touch regularly with other cymbal smiths on 5 continents. Some of them asking me questions, some of them answering my questions. As far as starting out in cymbal making, it was self-taught coming at the expense of many wasted cymbal blanks. I had to be ok with being patient and making a large investment into not only materials, but developing and redeveloping tooling.


Tell us about the journey from making your first cymbal to being one of the premier cymbal makers in the US?

 Patience and relationships. I couldn’t have continued without the people that supported me early on by purchasing a few pieces. The relationships and the support from both clients and friends has made that possible.


What was the toughest part of the learning curve?

 Making cymbals is expensive. Especially when you are dealing with importing material from Turkey. A cymbal blank with shipping cost worked in is a big investment. I went through dozens of blanks before I was comfortable presenting something for sale. Even now I am learning and evolving. The toughest part of the learning curve is ultimately taking something you put so much time into and cutting it up for the scrap pile when it hasn’t worked out.


How long does the average ride cymbal take to make?

 The much larger pieces take exponentially longer. If you use the formula to calculate the surface area of a circle, you’ll see how much bigger a cymbal really is when you go up a few inches! Hammering takes a minimum of a few hours paired with resting periods to lay it aside for a few days and coming back to it. Then the lathing which varies.


Do you play, what do you play, and how does being a player influence the cymbals you make?

 I have played for 25 years. For a long time I played all the big brands and still have the drum set I saved for in high school. Right now I’m working with a friend to make a bop kit for myself from raw materials. The shells and lugs were machined in-shop from sheet metal and rod. Nothing for production. But just to have a homemade kit for any future video I will make. When that’s finished it will likely be the only kit I will have or keep. However I have several custom snares including A and F, Cherry Hill, and Woodland. 

 Being a player means that my umbrella vision is to make cymbals I like. If you like them too that makes me happy. If you don’t like them, that’s ok. There are a whole lot of cymbals out there. That’s why I don’t make certain things I don’t like. For example, I’m not interested in making a handmade cymbal and then cutting 50% of the material out to make an effects cymbal. I just say ‘no’ to cymbals with holes!


What has been the biggest triumph, and biggest failure, along your journey?

 It has been meaningful to be able to bring something of value to the drum community and to have people enjoy something that I have made. I can’t say what my biggest failure has been, but I know that I just try my best.


What are a few of the biggest myths drummers have about cymbals?

 That weight is everything. The Cymbal Builder App is essentially a cymbal weight calculator, but it also has a function to help dispel this assumption. It’s part of a cymbal’s anatomy. But not everything. I think another issue is that like food, people taste/listen with their eyes. I’ve had people ask for features on cymbals and then asked why they wanted them and the reason is usually “because it would look cool.” There is an expectation that a cymbal that looks like a certain line from one of the big four will immediately have those sound characteristics. But it won’t. Manufacturing techniques matter far more than what you see outwardly.


What were a few of the “validating moments” you have experienced as a cymbal smith.

 The A&F collaboration has been very meaningful. Having the cell phone numbers of drummers I grew listening to in my phone? Just bizarre. 

 But when I see drummers who are far greater players than I, making good music, going to see them live and seeing my cymbals on their kit? That’s validating.


If you could capture Byrne Cymbals in three words, what would they be?

 Work, relationships, unique.


Thanks Ray!

Pictured: Quarter Turk Hi Hats

Pictured: Quarter Turk Hi Hats

TCDC Product Updates: Travel Date Series - Now Featuring "Harmon" Lug

Your Travel Date Has Been Upgraded!  Now Featuring Harmon Lugs

 The Twin Cities Drum Collective Travel Date Drumset has been one of our more popular drumset configurations for a number of reasons.  First, these lightweight, shallow depth drums sound absolutely HUGE.  It’s always fun to see drummers sit down and play these for the first time…from low to high tunings, they make a big impact.

 One of the factors that allows for low tunings is the Travel Date’s 6ply 4mm drum shells. We don’t use this thickness of drum shell to reduce weight (though that is a definite benefit); instead, we choose this thickness because a thinner shell resonates more with allowing for a for a lower fundamental tone for those who gotta have that deep thunderous sound!  Do not worry if you like to crank up the tuning…Travel Dates are built to take you from gig to gig and genre to genre from low tunings of Metal/rock/funk (yes you could rage a metal show on these drums) to high tunings for Jazz or Bop.

 A second factor is our “Big R” bearing edge that is also standard on TC Drums.  Big R stands for Big Radius. These edges allow drumheads to interact with the shell more easily. The radius of the bearing edge more close matches the curve of the molded edge for the various drumhead manufactures. The drum head more naturally making tuning a breeze, increasing tuning range while also adding feel for the player.

 Then, there is drumhead selection.  Whereas major drum makers often skimp on the drumheads, we use Aquarian drumheads as OEM equipment because of their high quality and superior technology (more on that in another Blog).

 Of course, in addition to amazing dynamic sound, Travel Dates hit the road with Minneapolis and St. Paul drummers because they are super portable.  HUGE sound in a LIGHTWEIGHT package that even the singer can carry without (legitimate) complaints!

 So how did we make this great package even better?  By making our Harmon Lugs standard on them.  These proprietary lugs of our own design provide an ultra-stable single point lug machined from 60/61 aluminum attached by a through-bolt and lock nut.  It is simply a better designed modern lug compared to a cast lug, which is heavy and not manufactured to the same exacting tolerances as our lugs.  And the Harmon Lug happens to be absolutely distinctive and attractive, standing out as truly unique in a sea of look-alike drum lugs.

 So…when you’re ready for a transportable drumset for gigging around Minneapolis, St. Paul, and beyond, then look no further than the Twin Cities Drum Collective Travel Date Drumset! Come get yours TODAY! At $950 Travel Dates will get you there without breaking your back or your bank account.

The British are HERE!

The Twin Cities Drum Collective Welcomes British Drum Company


We are beyond excited to announce that Twin Cities Drum Collective is now a British Drum Company dealer!  For those unfamiliar with British Drum Co., we want to share what makes this drum manufacturer so special, and why we added these drums to our drum shop.

 First, British Drum Company fits our guiding ethos at TCDC: We want to stock the most exciting custom and specialty drums that you won’t easily find at other drum shops.  British Drum Company creates exactly the type of drums we curate, with the added bonus of these drums quickly earning a distinctive mark among drummers.

 British drums are crafted based on the rich heritage of British drum-building craftsmanship, using techniques and traditions that are time-tested.   For example, the drum shell construction   used by British Drum Co. starts with hand-selected wood formed into shells through a cold-pressing process that results in British Drum’s signature tone.  British Drum Company emphasizes that making drum shells san heat leads to uncompromising sonic qualities, which is why they swear by this time-intensive process.  If you have played British Drums, then you know that the results speak for themselves

 Complimenting their cold-pressed drum shells is British Drum Company’s distinctive Palladium hardware, which has a look as iconic as Ludwig Drums, Gretsch Drums, or any other great drum company.  Properly described as strong and elegant, Palladium Hardware recalls the nearly universally loved look of the Art Deco period, which they say was inspired by the cars, art, and architecture of that classic time.  In fact, these style elements speak in all of the British Drum hardware, creating a universal appeal.  Similar to recent TCDC addition A & F Drum Company, these are legacy drums in their conception and execution (though the drums made by the two companies are very different in sound, look, and appeal, making it so cool to check them both out).

 Of course, to create a legacy drum company, the end result has to, as British Drum Company states, “look amazing, sound amazing, and feel amazing.”  Mission accomplished we think. 

 In stock now is a British Drum Co. Legacy Series Drumset, with birch shells, and they sound as advertised.  Come on in and see what you think.  TCDC is 10 minutes from St. Paul, 20 minutes from Minneapolis, and really not far from even the west metro.  Make the trip to play British Drums.  See you soon!

Laser Shark Spotting!

Laser Shark Update!

 Our Twin Cities Drum Company Laser Shark Snares have been one of our best selling custom drum products, which each manufacturing run of these snare drums quickly selling out.  This awesome 6.5x14, six lug, all maple snare with its signature laser-engraved badge (of course) always brings a smile to drummers faces, especially when they play it.

 And now, the Laser Shark is even better!  All Laser Shark Snares are now outfitted with the 651Drums F2 Lug, which has a sleek and unfussy design that captures the intersection between Form and Function.

 What’s even better?  The Laser Shark sells at $250, making it one of the coolest snare drums at this price point.  Come in to our drum store and play one!  We are a short trip from St. Paul, Minneapolis, and really anywhere in the Twin Cities metro.

Order your Laser Shark HERE.


The Laser Shark!

Now available with F2 Lug.

5 ways to help keep your drumming fresh and inspired!

Five Inexpensive Ways to Immediately Inspire Your Drumming


1.    Re-head Your Drumset, or at Least Your Snare Drum.  Unless a dead sound is your sound, playing on drumheads that no longer resonate suck the life out of your playing.  If your drumheads are over a year old then it’s probably time to change ‘em out.  TCDC has extensive stock from Aquarian Drumheads, Evans Drumheads, and REMO Drumheads.  We  also give advice on what drumheads will help you achieve your sound and will even change out your heads and tune up your drums for you.  Need more extensive help, like new bearing edges?  Luckily we are a full service shop that can do fresh bearing edges and other drum repairs too.  So, get some new drumheads to beat on…it’s really like getting fresh ears.

2.    Improve Your Seat.  Your drum throne grounds your body in a way that supports your center of gravity and gives you a solid base that enhances your performance.  If you sit on a wobbly, low-quality, unsupportive drum throne then let’s upgrade you to something you want to sit on.  At Twin Cities Drum Collective, we stock drum thrones from PDP, which are solid thrones at an affordable price, and drum thrones from Ahead, which are high-end drum thrones at a competitive price.  Also, sitting on a quality drum is a sure-fire way to feel more dignified, and that can’t hurt you a bit. 

3.    Add or Change Out a Cymbal.  In addition to our cymbal wall, we like to keep a great selection of cymbals out on the floor.  Few things are more cool than sitting at a custom drumset and playing a ride cymbal, crash, or FX cymbal that blows your mind and makes you want to play (a proven route to be a better drummer, by the way).   In our shop, we order cymbals that are fun to check out and that promise to inspire new sounds and musical directions when you play.  We stock Bosphorus, Byrne, Dream, Kasza, Paiste, Sabian, and Zildjian cymbals.  And if you have a go-to cymbal you want to buy, then we can special order that for you too.

4.    Try New Drumsticks. Or Brushes, Hotrods, or Other Mallets.  Drummers often have loyalties to what sticks they play, but trying another drumstick brand or size is a great way to discover new sounds and textures at the drumset.  In fact, new drumsticks can even change the physicality of your playing as well as your touch.  Or give brushes, hotrods, or another way to strike your drums a try…getting out of your comfort zone breeds creativity! Check out our stock of over 100 kinds of sticks from Los Cabos Drumsticks, Pro-Mark Drumsticks, Vic Firth Drumsticks, and Vater Drumsticks, and if you don’t see what you like, then let us special order your favorite model.

5.    Grow Your Snare Arsenal. Having a selection of snares to swap out is a creativity game-changer that should have you buying a new snare drum every month.  OK, a new snare every month is a little ambitious, but if you have only one snare drum you could expand your horizons some unless your current snare is definitely your one and only.  At TCDC we have a wall of custom and vintage snares from TC Drums, 651Drums, and Modern Vintage Drums, as well as new and vintage snare drums by Ludwig (several Supraphonics), Gretsch, Dunnett, Holloman, Rogers, and our store-branded Laser Shark snare drums.  We are never at a loss for cool snares at the Collective, so come in and play, and maybe even special order the custom wood or metal snare you’ve always wanted. 

TCDC Product Spotlight: A & F Drum Company Becomes Part of the Twin Cities Drum Collective Family

TCDC Product Spotlight: A & F Drum Company Becomes Part of the Twin Cities Drum Collective Family


Twin Cities Drum Collective is unique in that we manufacture drums and also run a full service drum shop.  That means that our passion rests not only with our own brands, TC Drums, 651Drums, and Modern Vintage Drums, but also with curating the best in custom drums from other companies.  To accomplish that goal, we are interested in drums that excite drummers with unique sound and design qualities that are rare among major drum manufacturers.


In that spirit, becoming an A & F Drum Company retailer is the perfect way to start off our second year.  To the uninitiated, A and F Drum Company is headed by drummer and visionary Ramy Antoun, who cut his drumming teeth playing and recording with the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, Seal, Paul Simon, and James Taylor among others.  Based on his live and studio experiences and love of vintage drums, Ramy set out to create a brand that stands out in look, feel, inspiration, and importantly, sound. 


A & F Drum Company (search #anfdrumco on Instagram to see and hear A and F) hails from Austin TX, which is well known for arts and music (probably no coincidence).  Impressively, their team conceives and builds nearly all of their drum components in-house, which is frankly a rarity these days.   As Ramy has said, it is freeing to walk into the factory with an idea and make it happen (an idea we embrace at TCDC). 


And the results speak for themselves, as A & F has soared in popularity by creating drums that “the Suits” in most drum companies would never entertain.  A and F Drum Company is notable for drums with raw and sometimes aged and distressed appearances, for drums with unusual sizes and depths that compliment standard sizes, and for drums that blend wood and metal and beautiful and musical ways.  A and F Drum Company even makes unusual cymbals (with cymbal expert Ray Byrne…TCDC also carries Byrne Cymbals) and accessories.  The results speak for themselves.  Drummers are pleased in profound ways by Ramy and his team’s vision and execution at A & F.  A & Fers are, in a word, Superfans!


TCDC has a great first order coming our way, consisting of A and F drums that will be featured at their booth at the upcoming Twin Cities Drum and Guitar Show on July 28th (assuming they don’t sell first!).   Coming this way will be a 14 inch A & F Steel Pancake Snare, a 4x14 A & F Copper Snare, and their best selling 6.5 x 14 Raw Brass Snare.  In addition, we ordered a 14x20, 14x14, and 8x12 A and F Raw Steel Drumset with Brass Hoops.  These are all going to be special drums.


Because A & F drums are made to order, there is typically a 8 week wait on snares and a 12 week wait on drums, so if you want to place in order with us, we’ll get your drums in the A and F production line.  Of course, let us know if you want to claim one (or more) of the drums in the opening order, and before you know it you’ll have your own #anfdrumco post.  No doubt in the coming months we’ll see a lot more A & F snares and sets around Minneapolis and St. Paul.


One last thing…A & F stands for Antoun and Family, and TCDC couldn’t be happier to be a part of their family (and vice versa).  It about drums, people, music, and shared values.  Thanks for reading and grab a seat, because our family has plenty of room for you at the table!

Twin Cities Drum Collective Presents Gordy Knudtson w/ Jim Anton and Dean McGraw

Last fall we approached local legend Gordy Knudtson about doing a TCDC-sponsored drum clinic.  To call Gordy a “local” legend, while true, shortchanges his contributions to the drumming world. Many musicians know Gordy as the Steve Miller Band drummer (for the past three decades!), but he is also a go-to studio musician, has written classic drum instruction books, and is a world-class educator. 


He is also the originator of the Open/Close technique that among other applications can result in impossibly fast single strokes.  After witnessing it, Joe Morello exclaimed, “I’m SO glad you did this! Billy Gladstone was messing around with this when I was studying with him, but he never documented it. I think you took it further than he did!”  Even more on Gordy’s career is found at his website at https://www.gk-music.com/gordy-knudtson/


Gordy was totally open to the clinic idea, but he wanted to do something a bit different: A musical performance followed by a clinic.  He proposed doing a trio performance with Dean McGraw and Jim Anton, two equally accomplished musicians.  We were super into the idea, and set forth to host it at the Parkway Theatre in Minneapolis.  Nearly 100 drummers attended, making the clinic a huge success.


To mark the occasion, TCDC co-owner and drum guru Kelly build a special drum set to Gordy’s specs: a 16 bass drum, 10 and 13 inch toms, and a 13 inch snare drum.  The set, played with a powerhouse musical performance by Gordy, sounded amazing and huge beyond its sizes.  We could do a whole blog on Gordy and his methodical, scientific approach to drums and sounds (he has build a number of sets himself), so when he decided to purchase the set following the clinic it was a real validation of the work we do at TCDC.


Gordy arranged to have the musical performance recorded, and the production turned out to be outstanding,  We have those videos here on the blog.  Check em out, and enjoy!

Twin Cities Drum Collective - Travel Date series drums

TCDC’s Travel Date: A Featherweight Drumset That KO’s the Competition


At Twin Cities Drum Collective we are always looking to innovate. Our Travel Date Drumsets are no exception.  Built in limited production runs, these kits are fun to play with surprisingly big sound, and when they hit the floor they always go fast.

 For the uninitiated, Travel Dates are the TCDC version of shallow, lightweight drums designed for working drummers who want highly portable kits designed for small stages.  Our Travel Dates would actually fit in a Cooper Mini, and they are the perfect size for coffeehouse, brew pub, and practice-space playing.

 While other companies have their versions of smaller-scale drum sets, TCDC uses design and craftsmanship details that set our drums apart.  To begin, we start with all maple 6mm shells which are not only light but also have the benefit of providing a wide tuning range

 Then rather than overwhelming the shells with heavy cast lugs like most other drum companies , we use super-lightweight machined aluminum lugs. These are made to exacting tolerances and made right here in Fridley, MN.  These drums are finished exclusively in a satin oil finish highlighting the grain and character of the maple shells that are the platform for the Travel Date sound Finally, we put the same care into cutting the bearing edges as we do on our other brands.  TCDC Travel Dates feature our Big R (for big radius) bearing edges that allow heads to seat perfectly and that result in a sound that balances warmth, response, and resonance

 And on the topic of sound, TCDC Travel Dates punch way above their weight while staying light on price at $950 for a three piece set. 

 This past year about 10 of these sets have been sold with numerous drummers posting pictures of Travel Dates gracing stages around Minneapolis and St. Paul, including Dave King (651 Drums Artist) playing a set with Happy Apple at the Dakota Jazz Club (https://www.dakotacooks.com) last fall.

 When you consider design, craftsmanship, and price, we think TCDC Travel Dates can square off with any competitor and deliver a knock-out.  Check em out!

Announcing the Twin Cities Drum and Guitar Show


 We have an exciting announcement for drum and guitar fans in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and beyond.  For the past six months we have been working with our friends at Capitol Guitars in St. Paul and at Modist Brewery in Minneapolis to launch the first annual Twin Cities Drum and Guitar Show

 The show, also sponsored by The City Pages, will be held on Sunday July 28th from 11 to 6 at the Modist Brewery.  This show is already attracting some of the most interesting and exciting custom brands from around the country.  On the drum side, British Drum Company from the UK and Jenkins Martin Drum Company from Ohio are early registrants, and of course TCDC will be displaying its own TC Drums, 651Drums, Modern Vintage Drums, and Laser Shark and Travel Date drums.  On the guitar side, custom companies Mpls Guitar and Whalehazard Guitars are on board in addition to Capitol Guitars showing off what is new and hot in the world of guitars.  Also expect other interesting vendors, like Dr. Decibel, who specializes in hearing protection and in-ear monitors for musicians.

 But we are just getting rolling, so we expect a lot of other great drum and guitar companies to come on board, as well as vintage drum and guitar vendors.  We’ll keep you updated!

 The show space will be in Modist’s warehouse, with the tap room open for socializing and grabbing a beer while enjoying a bite from food trucks.  Yeah, it’s going to be a fun day.

 But that’s not all.  For drummers, we have confirmed seven (!) time Grammy winner Paul Wertico to conduct the drum clinic.  Listing Paul’s accolades is beyond the scope of this blog, but do check him out at his website at  http://www.paulwertico.comThis clinic will be special.  In addition to Paul, the Twin Cities Drum and Guitar Show will have a guitar clinician TBA (wish we could share the short list).

 Top cap it off, when the display show ends at 6, we will be giving away prizes and then hosting eclectic bands in the taproom, so feel free to hang and soak up the musical performances.

 Stay tuned for updates, tell your friends, and be sure to make it down.  When the TC Drum and Guitar Show becomes an institution, you’ll want to say you went to the first one!

Do Your Drums Spark Joy? Consider Consignment!


Transparency With Consignments and Trades at Twin Cities Drum Collective


When crafting a new policy on consignments, it occurred to us that a full blog on consignments and trades would be a help to guide our customers through the process.  Too many drum and music shops deal without clear guidelines and sometimes with little integrity.  Our goal at TCDC is to make consignments and trades a fair, efficient, and satisfying experience for our customers. 


With this in mind, this blog contains realities about parting with your drums and cymbals to be transparent and to ensure that we share expectations, leading to everyone being satisfied with the outcome.


Let’s begin with some truisms.  Many people overvalue their used equipment, and it is easy to see why: We love our drums and cymbals!  Making music is personal, and it’s hard to separate our emotions from our gear.  We get it, though at the end of the day, market value reigns supreme.  Like selling a house, anything on the market too long loses its luster, and it does not benefit you to wait for months or longer to move your drums or cymbals.


The second obvious reason for overvaluing is that people want to get back as much as they can back from an investment.  That is an understandable desire.  However, the reality is that most drums and cymbals do not gain value, and most are expected to go down, often significantly, in value. 


Low- and high-end kits on the secondary market suffer the most here.  Low end drum sets have a lot of brand-new low-end competition, and most people won’t buy a used set to save only a couple hundred dollars, especially since parents prefer to bring home something shiny and new to motivate their son or daughter, unless money is a serious priority. 


On the high end, drums above a couple thousand dollars face a particular bias too.  If you had several thousands of dollars to spend, then why not splurge on the new drums of your dreams instead of a used drumkit?  Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.  Some high-end drums, even with higher prices, can be a true value for the buyer.  This is especially true with desirable vintage, elite, and hard to find drums.


So, it is helpful to check expectations anytime you want to part ways with drums and cymbals.  Fortunately, in the internet age, it is easy to check Reverb and EBAY or other online sources to see what gear similar to yours is priced at.  Chances are your drums and cymbals will not demand more, and we encourage you to research to be informed.  This information is the friend of both of us.


Once you have done the research, and you have decided to sell, it’s important for you to know that your (hopefully) favorite drum shop needs to turn a profit on buying, trading, and consigning.  It’s somewhat embarrassing to even acknowledge that this happens, but some people forget that the drum shops are not charities!  The shop that hosts the sale pays rent per square foot (a stacked drumset takes up four of them), utilities, advertising, insurance, and for the employees who will happily talk with anyone and everyone who wants to kick the tires on your drums.  If selling your gear was easy, then why bring it into the shop?  Do you want to talk to all those people, vet buyers, handle transactions, and in some cases pack and ship? Exactly! So selling your gear has to work for the shop too.


To that point, gear that the shop buys or trades requires a purchase or trade of 40% below an expected sale price although we reserve the option of offering less if the equipment is in poor condition or not likely to move based on other circumstances described below.  When we buy our goal is to have an expectation of selling it in a reasonable period of time, under six months to be sure.  Having stock that turns over slowly is a recipe for failure in a retail business of any type, so drum shops cannot offer top-dollar for drums that are likely to sit.


With consignments, we can offer better deals because if the eventual sale doesn’t happen we can both walk away without taking a loss other than time.  Currently, we offer the best consignment rate around on quality vintage and high-end drums because these items priced competitively tend to move efficiently, which is a benefit to both the consignor and the shop (though keep in mind that someone buying a high end consignment might take away from a sale with a better margin for the shop…Que será será…it’s the price of doing business!)


With lower quality and with less desirable drums and cymbals our consignment rate by necessity needs to account for the added time, effort, and cost needed to sell those instruments. Some equipment is not desirable, and our shop does not want to be known for being the land of the misfit toys.  Frankly, there are other music stores that don’t mind warehousing the undesirables for as long as it takes, and with items that are of low quality and/or in poor condition, we are likely to take pass unless they are priced to move with a suitable consignment rate.


So what determines value?  Like stated above, the condition of your drums and cymbals is probably the most important factor.   To be as objective on condition as possible, we follow the guidelines below with our progressive consignment rates:


Mint: Brand new condition (e.g., new old stock or rarely played and carefully stored) 15% Consignment Rate.

Excellent: Looks almost new and shows only slight use. 20% Consignment Rate.

Very Good:  Shows light wear that is less than what is expected given its age. 20% Consignment Rate.

Good: Shows a little more wear than what is expected given its age.  Or, is in above good shape but with a well-done repair or alteration. 25% Consignment Rate.

Fair: Still in decent condition but shows more than normal wear.   Or, is in above fair shape but with a poorly done repair or alteration. 30% Consignment Rate.

Poor: Barely useable condition.  40% Consignment Rate.


(NOTE: On borderline calls TCDC offers the lower consignment rate)


The next factor is desirability.  Standard sizes and configurations with popular finishes remain ever popular and desirable.  Deviations in these factors make a sale harder.  T.S. Elliot once wrote, “The more you please generally, the less you please profoundly.”  Well said, though when you are trying to sell pleasing generally enough is the name to the game.  Of course, there are exceptions that can make a drum or set ultra-cool and desirable, but most everyone will recognize and agree when that is the situation.


And last, although trends come and go, some factors currently lack popularity, and those factors may never be popular again.  Unpopular factors include power toms, ultra-deep bass drums, super-heavy hardware, and hanging floor toms.  And hanging floor toms.  The Cosby Show was once a hit and will never be again.  Hanging floor toms were never the Cosby Show, and as innocent as hanging floor toms are, they are never coming back either.  It is time to move on with grace and lower the price.   For drums that have factors that limit the desirability of them, we add 5% to the consignment rate assigned to the condition levels.


At the end of the day, selling your drums and cymbals is like selling a home.  Having a property sit on the market for a long period of time benefits no one, and the longer properties sit the more their value drops. 


At TCDC our commitment is to you receiving top dollar for your drums and cymbals.  To that end, we let you know what your drums and cymbals are realistically worth, and we will do our utmost to sell them on a timely basis, including listing them on internet marketplaces.  We also guarantee that you will be treated fairly, because that is what our reputation rests on (and we happen to be good people too).  And we pay you at the time we collect the funds for the sale, which again, is about integrity.


If you are ready to say goodbye to your old gear, then let’s work together to make a new love connection: Nothing is cooler than your drums and cymbals bringing happiness to someone new, and you moving on to something better!













Video: The Coolest Clinic on Earth featuring Dave King and JT Bates

Here it is! The full Dave King and JT Bates “Coolest Clinic on Earth” performance that we hold each December!

Thanks to Dave, a 651Drums endorser, and JT for their support of Twin Cities Drum Collective. It's our honor to be associated with these awesome guys, and Minneapolis and St. Paul are lucky to have such talented drummers in our music community. Be sure to check out their duo Real Bulls when they surface again…always a great show. And thanks to those true Minnesotans who came out for this unique, COLD, event. See you back for this event next December!

Introducing the Laser Shark: A Killer Drum at a Killer Price

It started as a joke, but ended up being seriously awesome. Kelly wanted to build a few snare drums designed to be both high quality and affordable. That meant that although we would use an all maple shell and machined aluminum lugs, we would also have to keep the production streamlined and simple. So, our new build would be the same size with the same finish (6.5 x14 with Natural Satin) to keep the build speedy, along with making it a distinctive 6 lugger, which also trims cost and production time (Of note: Some builders absolutely swear by having as few lugs as possible on a drum).


The first batch of these went unbranded…no badge, no name, and these unnamed drums went fast, inspiring us to make more. It was then that Kelly came up with the the idea of branding them the Laser Shark. Though not totally original, it brought a lot of laughs and a definite cool factor to this serious snare drum. It was agreed that we should make it official with a badge, laser engraved out of wood.

We think the end design turned out perfect, and that fact that people are swallowing them up seems to validate our thinking. It’s a killer snare drum at a killer price. And a laser is actually used in its production. So there’s that too.

Second Annual Coolest Clinic on Earth

Join us at 2pm on Saturday, December 15th as 651Drums artist Dave King of The Bad Plus holds court for our Second Annual Coolest Clinic on Earth! This outdoor clinic lives up to its name as we expect air temperatures in the 20’s.

No worries though as Dave will bring the heat on the set, and we’ll bring the heat with fire pits and hot coco and cider! This is a FREE event and will be the most fun you’ll ever have in the parking lot of drum shop. Also, expect day-of specials in the shop.

See you there Twin Cities drummers!

Interview with Gordy Knudtson

Just a couple of weeks ago Gordy shared with us a 2018 interview with him from the program Drum Heads and Tales than spans his experiences in the Steve Miller Band as well as explanation of the Open/Closed Technique he has pioneered. If you’re not familiar with this drumming technique, then check out the video for sure!


Gordy Knudtson has been on the forefront of the Minnesota drumming, and music, scene for the better part of four decades. Between his time directing the percussion program at McNally Smith, giving private drum lessons, and doing studio and live work around Minneapolis and St. Paul, he has taught and influenced a Who’s Who list of Twin Cities drummers.

On November 17th, Twin Cities Drum Collective has the unique opportunity to feature Gordy’s new (yet-to-be-named) Trio that also features mega-players Jim Anton, bass player in Jonny Lang and Greazy Meal among others, and the awarding winning guitarist Dean Magraw. After the musical performance and intermission, Gordy will conduct a drum clinic that spans many topics that include technique, drum ergonomics, and playing to the song. What’s been especially fun is hearing the excitement from drummers who know Gordy…if you have met him or seen him play, then chances are that you have great memories of him!

This performance and clinic is not to be missed. RSVP on Facebook and then Get Your Tickets! Use PROMO Code Friends_of_TCDC for a 20% discount at checkout!

Twin Cities Drum Collective Presents: An Afternoon with Gordy Knudtson and Friends

Saturday November 17, 1:00PM at the Historic Parkway Theater

An Afternoon with Gordy Knudtson & Friends

Twin Cities Drum Collective Presents: An Afternoon with Gordy Knudtson and Friends

Saturday November 17, 1:00PM at the Historic Parkway Theater

In addition to curating one of the coolest destination drum shops in MN and beyond, TCDC is promoting education and events showcasing amazing talent.

In this spirit, we are proud to announce a collaboration with the historic Parkway Theater in Minneapolis to feature the debut of Gordy Knudtson’s yet-to-be-named trio with Jim Anton and Dean Magraw. These guys are all world-class musicians and will bring it, to say the least!

The trio performance will be followed by a drum clinic in which Gordy covers playing techniques and ergonomics to musically understanding and fulfilling your role in a band.  

This unique event, which is not limited to drummers, showcases Gordy’s jaw-dropping technique, style, and taste in musical, solo, and educational performances complemented by other world-class musicians.

In addition to outstanding music and education, this is a Social Event, so network with Twin Cities musicians before, during intermission, and afterward while enjoying craft cocktails (including non-alcoholic) and snacks from the bar.

The event is ALL AGES!

RSVP on Facebook and then Get Your Tickets!

Use PROMO Code Friends_of_TCDC for a 20% discount at checkout!

First Annual Beats and Brews is in the Books

Twin Cities Drum Collective’s First Annual Beats and Brews is in the Books! Last Saturday was a blast as we hauled 10 complete drumsets and a dozen snare drums into the Uptown VFW in Minneapolis to showcase our three drum brands and socialize with drummers from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and beyond! (BTW, if you have not caught a show there, you should plan to do. It’s a gem of a venue with outstanding staff!)

Over the course of the day we had over a hundred drummers come through, and there were times when all the sets were rockin’. Pretty cool. So many people commented that not only about how great the drums sounded, but also about how each brand had its own distinct tone. The Modern Vintage line captures that vintage sound (complete with classic Gretsch bearing edges), our 651Drums feature sharp attack and full sustain (with dual 45 edges), and TCDrumCo perfectly balances warmth, attack, and sustain (with roundover into 45 edges). Of course we had a great many finishes on display too, from customs paints and fades, to a satin flame wrapped kit, to beautiful natural satins, including one with inlays. The feedback was gratifying!

Of course, the clinics were real highlights. Jeremy Harvey from Cloud Cult played along to tracks and dazzled with his musicality on a 651 drum set. Jesse from Malamanya demystified Latin grooves on the congas and timbales, and Pete Buxman gave a great rudimental lesson on accent grids.

Last, drumset Karaoke turned out to be a blast! While many drummers were a bit shy to try it, those who did left with all smiles. We gotta do that again!

The day ended with giveaways of Low Boy Beater swag, including a new beater, and one lucky drummer walked away with one of our Twin Cities Drum Collective store-branded 6-lug snare drums.

TCDC thanks all the drummers who came out for the festivities! And special thanks to our sponsors Tackle Instruments (awesome stick and cymbal bags and accessories), Low Boy Beaters, and the great folks like Joe at the Uptown VFW and Craig at Fulton Brewery.

See you at the next event!

Our first course for drummers: Get Your Hands Together

TCDC is proud to announce our first course for drummers. It’s titled “Get your Hands Together” and the focus is on the 40 Rudiments.

If you are unfamiliar with some or all of the 40 rudiments, then this course is for you!

Rudimental Guru Peter Buxman will guide you through, be you a beginner or more advanced drummer. Expect fun and meaningful progress with your drumming skills.

This six week course is at 11am on Saturday mornings from November 10 through December 15. The cost is $130 with enrollment limited to ten drummers.

Email us to enroll today and Get Your Hands Together!


Rudiments are commonly called the building blocks of drumming, the technical skills you need to be fluent on the snare or on the set. Through mastering the rudiments, you will have an increased vocabulary to express your musical ideas. How up are you on the rudiments?

This Six Week Course is Outcome-Based! Why do anything if you don’t see the results? The results you will achieve include increased accuracy, speed, endurance, and most importantly, musical expression!

To measure your results, both the first and the last scheduled days plan for baseline and follow-up assessment of knowledge, performance, and speed. Even though this is a group course, there is no limit on how far you can take the weekly material in terms of accuracy and speed.

Enrollment Information:

This course is designed to be cost-effective. Groups lessons are less than half the cost of individual lessons. The cost is $130 with enrollment limited to ten drummers.

Groups work! Studies should that people learning in groups use each other for support and accountability, challenging each other to reach new levels of proficiency. We encourage our lesson groups to be connected to enhance the learning experience.

Materials needed include a practice pad, metronome, and larger size (e.g., 2B) sticks. These items are available for purchase at TCDC if needed.

Awards are given at the end of the course. These awards include, Top of the Class, Most Improved, and Best Effort. Award winners receive a 10% discount off any purchase up to $500 at TCDC.

Course Instructor:

Peter Buxman has a Bachelors of Science from Kaplan University and has been an instructor since 1993. He specializes in rudimental drumming as well as all styles on the drumset.

Pete participated in Drum and Bugle Corps for 11 years taking home awards with the Blue Knights, has been the head percussion instructor for the Lakeville North High School Marching Band since 2006, and has played snare drum with the Macalaster College Pipe Band since 2007.

Peter is also a professional drummer for Riverside Entertainment where he plays and subs in a variety of bands, including the Riverside Hitmen.

Peter placed 4th in the World in the 1992 DCI Rudimental Competition.

Email us to enroll today and Get Your Hands Together!

Course Schedule:

November 10- 11:00am

  • Introduction and Pre-Assessment

  • Grip/position

  • Rebound stroke

  • Down stroke

  • Combinations rebound/down stroke

  • Single stroke roll

  • Single stroke 4

  • Single stroke 7

November 17- 11:00am

  • Multiple bounce roll (buzz roll, closed roll, press roll)

  • Double stroke roll

  • By the stroke: 5,6,7,9,10,11,13,15,17 stroke rolls

  • Flams

November 24- 11:00am

  • Single paradiddles

  • Double paradiddles

  • Triple paradiddles

  • Paradiddle pyramid

  • Paratriddles (introduction to hybrid rudiments)

December  1- 11:00am

  • Triple stroke rolls

  • Flam taps

  • Flam accents

  • Flam/flams

  • Flamacues

  • Flammed mills (groups of 4 and 6)

  • Flam paradiddles

  • Flam paradiddlediddle (with and w/o flam)

  • Pataflaflas

  • Swiss Army triplets

  • Hybrid rudiment du jour

December 8- 11:00am

  • Flam drags

  • Inverted flam taps

  • 4-2-1 16th note grid with variations

  • 4-2-1 Triplet grid with variations

  • Hybrid rudiment du jour

December 15- 11:00am

  • Drag

  • Single drag tap

  • Double drag tap

  • Lesson 25

  • Single dragadiddle

  • Drag paradiddle # 1

  • Drag paradiddle # 2

  • Ratamacue

  • Double ratamacue

  • Triple ratamacue

  • Hybrid rudiment du jour

  • Post-Assessment, Awards, and Next Steps!

Email us to enroll today and Get Your Hands Together!