651 Drums

Sound Aesthetics


651 Drums, conceived and built in the 651 area code, feature a modern look combined with classic drum construction.


651 starts with all maple 6mm tom shells and 8mm bass and snare shells (we also do acrylic) with precision-cut dual 45 bearing edges. This combination offers a wide tuning range and ease of tuning. From there we add 20mm aluminum lugs purposefully designed to offer a clean, uncomplicated look. Sans gaskets, these lugs meet the shell directly so all resonates in harmony (very Eastern of us). The finishing touches include Aquarian heads and our unfussy aluminum 651/MN badge. 

651 is typically finished in veneers, natural satins, or automotive grade paint that ranges from solid colors to duco and fades. If you really want a wrap, we want you to be happy. The heavens won’t fall if you wrap an otherwise perfectly-conceived set of drums.